Apple Wants You To Kneel Before “Pod”!

Sep 27th, 2006 // 14 Comments

It’s been brewing for a few days now, but it looks as though Apple is really going through with its decision to crack down on anyone using the term “podcast.” They’ve sent a cease-and-desist letter to Podcast Ready, a software company that recently launched an iPod-compatible program called MyPodder. At stake here is whether Apple owns the trademark to “podcast,” a debate that could go to court. And what a fun, sexy case that will be.

It seems like a lose-lose situation for Apple: If they’re victorious in getting full rights to the already widespread name, they’ll spend the next ten years reminding copy-desk editors that Podcast is a proper noun, like Xerox or Dumpster; if they lose, they’ll look like dicks. Or at least, bigger dicks than usual.
So before this thing gets out of hands, maybe we use this as an opportunity to come up with our own ideas for what to call the damn things. Any ideas?

Apple Hits Podcast Ready With Nastygram [Wired]
Apple to go to war over ‘pod’
[Daily Mail]

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  2. BenP

    I went to Burger King this week and my french fries came in a container called “FryPod.” I was extremely disappointed that it did not:

    1) Hold 10,000 Fries
    2) Play sweet, sweet music.
    3) Play downloaded pr0n.

    Thank you Steve Jobs for protecting the integrity of the word “Pod” so that consumers like me don’t get confused in the marketplace.

  3. Michael Bertin

    You can lose proprietary trademark if you don’t try to enforce it. It becomes genericized . So if Apple wants to hold on to something that someone else actually invented the term for (and really, what’s so fucking revolutionary about putting something besides music into an mp3 format?) they have to go after folks. Consult a lawyer for a better explanation of the nuances.

    Basically Apple has no choice but to be pricks here. Probably just makes it easier with Jobs at the helm.

  4. chrisb

    I thought this has already been decided: netcast

  5. mwsmedia

    First of all, Apple’s going to look like dicks either way, win or lose.

    Second: the podcasting community has hashed this back and forth and up and down. The word is *podcast.* I don’t think we should back down just because a few C&D letters have been sent.

    Preciousroy: “podcast” isn’t Apple’s proprietary trademark… not yet, as I understand. It’s in the dictionary, it’s in the vernacular. The word existed for months before Apple woke up and added a crappy aggregator to iTunes. *It’s too late.*



  6. AcidReign

    …..How about “deadcast?” There’s no quicker way to kill your blog than to switch from easily-skimmable print to a long, rambling, monotonous audio file! Who’s got time to listen to all that crap? Besides, my blog-reading time is also my music-listening time. I get ill if I have to pause my tunes!

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