Lupe Fiasco Translates From Spanish As “Easily Stereotyped”

Sep 27th, 2006 // 3 Comments

lupehits.jpgFar be it from us to pretend to be experts on all things hip-hop, but could someone tell Hits Daily Double that just because someone’s name is “Lupe,” that doesn’t automatically mean he plays Latin American dance anthems? He’s about as much a “reggaeton artist” as he is a “jazz chanteuse.”

Justin Still The One [Hits Daily Double]

  1. virid


    Wasalu Muhammad Jaco (born on February 17th, 1981 in Chicago, Illinois) known by the stage name Lupe Fiasco (pronounced LOO-pay) is an African-American rapper. Growing up, Wasalu had the nickname of “Lu”, the last part of his first name. The “Lupe” portion is an extension of this nickname, which he borrowed from the name of a Hispanic friend from school. The “Fiasco” portion came from him simply looking at the song “Firm Fiasco” from the album by the rap group The Firm and liking the way the ‘fiasco’ sounded. Lupe put the two names together because of the ring of the combination.

  2. Mo!

    Those darn kids and their Muslim skateboarding reggaeton music!

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