Who Charted?: Clay Aiken Can’t Get On Top Of Justin Timberlake

The new chart numbers are in, and despite a somewhat down-to-the-wire finish, Justin Timberlake eked past Clay Aiken to stay atop the Billboard albums ranking this week. Timberlake’s FutureSex/LoveSounds sold 217,000 copies, while Aiken’s A Thousand Different Ways moved 205,000 copies.

Elsewhere on the Soundscanner:

Biggest Debuts: After Aiken, Fergie’s The Dutchess came in at No. 3, selling 142,000 copies (that number also happens to be the exact amount of years it will take for her to shame-walk away the stigma of “London Bridge”); Kenny Chesney’s live album–Who The Hell Is Kenny Chesney? That Guy? Oh, Yeah–sold 137,000 copies; and Diana Krall’s From This Moment On found a home with 85,000 forty-something men who secretly masturbated to the liner-notes pictures.

Biggest Slides: Beyonce’s Bidet continued its exodus from the Top 5, slipping to No. 6 after just three weeks. That might not sound like much, but considering that she debuted with more than 500,000 copies, to already be hovering under the 100,000-mark does not bode well for the album’s long-term shelf life.

Nickelback Award For Inexplicable Durability: Nickelback, whose year-old All The Right Reasons won’t leave the upper reaches of the charts. Are we going to have to come up with a new, lame “What’s up with Canada?” joke every week?

Timberlake Remains No. 1 Amid Five Top 10 Debuts [Billboard]

  • Ned Raggett

    Who The Hell Is Kenny Chesney? That Guy? Oh, Yeah

    Are there barfing icons on here?

  • ohHELLnaw

    Fergie looks like a bag of smashed assholes. Only worse.

  • PurduePaul

    Things I pray for at night

    1) That the Chicago Bears win the superbowl
    2) My beautiful fiancee’s continued health
    3) For clay aiken to either come out of the closet and tell the world he’s dating webster, or for him to just die in some pop star kinda way, like autoeroticaffixiation (sp?)…

  • Dickdogfood

    How can you just think of Chesney as just some anonymous country dude?! He’s hawt! Hawt AND bald as a cue ball! He married Renée Zellweger! Really briefly! And oh those rumors!

  • JackieTreehorn

    Clay Gayken likes to be on bottom. He’s a catcher, not a pitcher.

  • Dan Gibson

    I think you might be misplacing Diana Krall’s audience. Amazon’s “customers who bought…” has a Gladys Knight, Linda Ronstadt and the new John Mayer listed. Seems like more forty-something women are snapping Krall up.

    Anyway, Verve didn’t go for the Maxim-style photos in the disc booklet; maybe Elvis Costello put a stop to that sort of thing.

  • Dickdogfood

    Why is it that when people (gay and straight alike) talk trash about the sexual proclivities of gayfolk (or those rumored to be), it’s usually LOL A BOTTOM but almost never OMG A TOP?

  • katie_a_princess

    hey, nickelback slipped 10-13 this week, which is a fine sign. that being said, it’s not like having hinder on there is making the world a better place.

  • AcidReign

    …..I caught a little bit of Chesney during the Macy Parade telecast, while I was cooking Thanksgiving dinner. I heard the twang, and thought I was going to get to drool over some dancin’ Shania. Boy, was I bummed out when it was a guy band. Sounded about the same, though. If I watch country band videos, it’s usually with the mute button on. But nobody does “OMG Beautiful!” like the country chicks!

  • Mo!

    from What’s the Deal hosted by Seinfeld

    Rob Schneider: I’ll take “Nickelback Fans” for $500.

    Seinfeld: Nickelback Fans: WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE?

  • PurduePaul

    Because clay aiken takes it like the gay man he is, now if we were saying brad pitt were bay he’d be the pitcher without a doubt. Clay Aiken is just frail and could probably lose in a fight to a seven year old girl with a broken arm.

  • Chris Molanphy

    Did anyone notice that last week the TV on the Radio album debuted in the top 50 or so? Which either means those guys are bigger than I thought, or overall album sales totals are so pitiful former indie-rockers can now hobnob with Nickelback.

  • andy

    Hey, it’s not *Canadians* buying all of these Nickelback albums!

    Maybe three of them, and one of them is my ex-roommate. I think the other two are probably the only parents of band members left who make a show of enjoying their childrens’ music.

  • PurduePaul

    Things I pray for at night

  • ChrisMolanphy

    Did anyone notice that last week the TV on the Radio album