Nokia Aiming To Play The Role Of Cooler Older Brother

If there’s one technological divide that separates your Idolators from the twentysomething hordes, it’s the concept of listening to music through a cell phone. The speakers are usually crap, the available memory wouldn’t even hold a shelf of our CD collection, and, well, it just feels wrong. But Nokia’s announcement yesterday that it would be expanding its mobile music services piqued our interest, mainly because its forthcoming Music Recommenders service will use suggestions from independent record stores, like the Chicago stalwart Reckless Records, and world-famous Arcade Fire aficionado David Bowie to make its picks. Although if one of them is the Bowie “cyber song” he recorded a few years back, we’re going to cry foul.

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  • Ned Raggett

    it just feels wrong

    Ha, you’re old. (So am I.)

  • Spiny Norman

    You guys should really wander out and check out your evil cousins in the Gawker basement more often. A2DP is a bluetooth protocol for cell phones, mp3 players, and PMPs. Several companies are now making fairly nice headphones supporting the protocol as well. Sennheiser isn’t in quite yet, but it’s a matter of time… And I’m also old. meh.

  • Maura Johnston

    Are those the headphones that make their wearers look like Lobot?

  • AcidReign

    …..I’m still loving the hell out of my Sennheiser HD 570s. Hooked up to a Creek headphone amp, I’ve never heard anything better! What? You want me to risk my sound across AIRWAVES? I ain’t too sure ’bout them hyar new-fangled idees!

  • The_Van_Dyck

    I’ve only got 56meg on my phone(I know, I’m a terribly person for saying only) so I use it almost exclusively for Sigur Ros.It makes public transport so melancholic, and dare I say it -interesting.

  • Phung Grahams

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