A Posthumous Obit For Buck Owens

Sep 28th, 2006 // 6 Comments

buck%20owens.jpgIdolator wasn’t around when country great Buck Owens passed away, so we missed our chance to pay tribute. So here, for no good goshdarn reason–other than the fact that we’ve been playing his recent greatest-hits set all morning–we present two classic Owens songs: The heartbreaking “Act Naturally,” which was later covered by the Beatles; and the Coulda Shoulda Woulda-worthy “Made In Japan.” Take note, kids: This is what happens when you inherit a bunch of old Time-Life country collections.

Buck Owens – Act Naturally [MP3, link expired]
Buck Owens – Made In Japan [MP3, link expired]

  1. Adairdevil

    His guest spots on various Dwight Yoakam albums–starting with a duet of “Streets of Bakerfield”–are really worth checking out.

  2. Mick Kraut

    My Dad is a huge Buck fan and I met him a couple of times in my youth before I realized his influence and talent…Now I listen to Owens just as often as I listen to Muse or Radiohead…

  3. Dan Gibson

    The section about his death on Wikipedia is amazing. To summarize, he was going to skip his show that night at the Crystal Palace because he wasn’t feeling well, ran into some of his fans who drove from Oregon to see him on his way out, and decided to play the show. He died in his sleep that night.

  4. grahams

    Aren’t all obituaries posthumous?

  5. Phurge

    Buck’s version of Dylan’s “Love Minus Zero” is a thing of deathless beauty. Also, that’s an excellent yellow suit he’s wearing.

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