Blogsmacked: Steve Perry Has Robbed The Youth Of Their Souls

steveperry.jpeg- The children of today need more Otis Redding and less Journey in their diet, a journalism teacher thinks. Can’t really argue with that point. [Cahl’s Juke Joint]
- Sampling the samples that made up Lily Allen’s debut album, Alright Still–including two songs from the soundtrack to the ’70s softcore classic Emanuelle. [music like dirt]
- Attendance at Mew show confuses writer, inspires him to work up a rewrite of his album review. [chromewaves]
- A Minnesota music fan thinks about the possibly ad-supported future of the nightclub First Avenue. [A Day In The Life]

  • adamcurryshair

    Come on. What’s the difference between “Sitting on the Dock of the Bay” and “Lights”? Aren’t they both about the solace found by the bay and the simultaneous homesickness and wanderlust one feels when far away from home? Steve Perry has soul! In fact, his voice comes straight from God. Many Midwesterners believe this, and I didn’t need no converting. Anyway, why would I trust someone’s opinion who teaches writing based on Seinfeld delivery? Really, what IS the deal?

  • AcidReign

    …..I’m calling bullshit. Students in 2006 that like Journey? WTF?

    …..I have to shamefacedly admit that I kinda sorta liked them back when I was in high-school. That was before Steve Perry (sounds like a lay-day!) joined. They went all syrupy-squeaky with Infinity. Neal Schon can be an interesting guitarist.