The EMP Opens Its Arms To The Great Unwashed

nerds2.jpgDo you obsess over rock and pop minutiae? Have you ever compared Captain Beefhart to Captain Eo? Do you use the word “meme” at least twice a day? If you answered “yes” to any of those questions, then you may want to consider submitting a paper proposal for next year’s EMP Pop Conference. The Pop Conference is kind of like a music-nerd math rodeo, where a swell of important (and, more amusingly, self-important) scribes gather to spout off on topics. But you don’t have to be a credentialed music writer (whatever that is) to enter a proposal; they’re open to anyone, and trust us, they aren’t afraid of slumming it.

EMP’s official site has guidelines and this year’s theme, which we needed to read three times to understand (we think it’s about time travel). If you wind up getting accepted and going to Seattle, make sure you dedicate time to swingin’ on the flippity-flop.

Call For Papers [EMP]