‘Rolling Stone’ Blog Makes Worse Fergie Jokes Than We Do

Sep 27th, 2006 // 16 Comments

fergie01.jpgThe Rolling Stone blog posted a chart-centric entry earlier today, and it ended with a by-the-numbers dis of our favorite ex-Wild Orchid member, Fergie:

Honestly, we don’t understand why it didn’t chart higher, because the record is alarmingly un-shitty and the woman and her tweed shorts are everywhere. Is it the pee thing, the meth thing or the face thing?

… but now the entry just ends with the line about the ubiquity of the singer’s tweed shorts. (We’re not quite sure if that’s supposed to be an insult.) Could that have anything to do with the pro-Fergie mini-riot that ensued in the comments section? The posters flamed the entry, and their missives ranged from really lame generalizations (“[get] some writers who like music!”) to really crass insults. But still: Why didn’t RS stick by the post? It’s hard to believe that a magazine that puts a crown of thorns on Kanye would back off from a too-easy Fergie punchline.

UPDATE: The post is now completely gone. Guess we’ll never find out whether or not they were being nice about the whole tweed-shorts thing.

Clay Aiken: Bigger Than Fergie! [Rock Daily]


  1. Van Hagar

    Methinks someone’s magazine got bitch-slapped by someone else’s publicist.

    If I were Fergie, the only way I would move on from this blog-affront would be by making Jann drink my piss-stained shorts. Seems fair.

  2. Van Hagar

    Methinks someone’s publicist bitch-slapped someone else’s magazine.

    Personally, if I was Fergie, I would only forgive Jann if he drank my urine-soaked shorts. Gross, yeah. But also effective.

  3. Van Hagar

    Fuck. I double-posted and also made the mistake of revising my witticisms the second time around.

    Is this what a dick feels like?

  4. Brian Raftery

    You get a pass. It happens to the best of us.

    (I’m talking about the revised-joke double-posting, not the pants-pissing).

  5. PurduePaul

    People censoring others in america get out of town, but seriously folks she’s very hag like, I don’t think steve-o from jackass would even have sex with her and he diddled Nicole Richie…

  6. waffles

    But have faith, I have found something that can make her listentoable: cake.


    This is what bad music is made for.

  7. SlimShadenfruede

    thanks waffles, oh shit… I just pissed my tweed shorts!

  8. pandabear

    Still fug. No doubt.

  9. sarahblooms

    I’m going to go with the face on this one. She is a walking Don’t Do Meth ad.

  10. raincoaster

    It’s the peed tweed we all seed.

  11. The_Van_Dyck

    I called it the last time you brought up Fergie, it is the pee thing.

  12. teebol

    I think she’s cute.

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