Ryan Adams Tries To Get Slot On ‘Hip-Hop Honors’

Sep 27th, 2006 // 4 Comments

adams.jpgIt would appear that alt-country really is out of style, which has left Ryan Adams with nothing to do but hit the streets. Yes, that’s right: he’s recorded a Kevin Bacon-shouting out hip-hop track, and it’s streaming from his Web site as we speak. Adams’ flow is what you might call a little rough, but props for him to trying to start a beef with the critic who gave him the 1 1/2-star review that led to his record going “balsa wood” in India.

Ryan Adams:: Home [ryan-adams.com, via

  1. tigerpop

    This is so much better than the new Beck shit. Beck Hansen–what the fuck!

  2. poopsmcgee

    get one shower.

  3. thebingo

    get one shower

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