David Gray Babbles On, Drops The “F” Bomb

Sep 28th, 2006 // 5 Comments

Remember Thanksgiving dinner, 2002? Your uncle heard you were a music fan, so he walked up and asked, “Well, what should I be listening to?” You knew he wouldn’t go for PJ Harvey, and you sure as hell weren’t going to suggest Voodoo, so you went for something innocuous and anonymous, finally blurting out, “Uh….David Gray?”

After that, you never heard of Gray again–until today. Suddenly, the gentleman strummer has transformed himself into a pop-folk trash-talker, slamming contemporaries like James Blunt and Jack Johnson in the new issue of Q. Awww shit! The soft-rock smackdown is on! Someone beef up the security at Nic Harcourt’s green room!


  1. Dan Gibson

    I enjoyed reading his saucy quotes aloud with a drum machine and some subtle acoustic guitar in the background.

  2. xboxishuge

    I don’t like David Grey, but he hates James Blunt as much I do, and that, at least, is something I can support.

    It’s kind of like when 311 got into it with Scott Stapp – I’m anti-311, but pro Scott-Stapp-punching.

  3. Bob Loblaw

    I couldn’t have said it better, xbox. Who knew hatred could be so complex?

  4. JackieTreehorn

    Ill go on the record as liking Jack Johnson, but Gray calling it “smug surfer eco shite” is still pretty funny.

    People stateside should say “shite” more.

  5. Bon Jour, Pee Wee

    I use ‘shite’ all the time instead of our American version. It sounds better.

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