Shiny New Turd Hits Same Price-Point As iPod

Sep 28th, 2006 // 5 Comments

Though these figures have been rumored for a while, Microsoft has officially set a price and a release date for Zune, its late-to-the-game media-player: A 30GB model will be out Nov. 14th, with a price tag of $249.99. The Zune store will sell songs for 99 cents, and there’s also a subscription-service option for $14.99 a month. And for approximately $1, you can buy a pack of ALF puffy stickers on eBay, which will allow you to cover up the device’s hideous color scheme.

Microsoft to Charge $249.99 for Zune Player, Due Out in November


  1. thebingo

    FM Tuner…does anyone listen to regular old radio anymore?

  2. Nicolars

    With that crappy earth tone color scheme, you’d think it was a portable 8 track player.

  3. shelo

    I hate the term “price-point”. What’s wrong with just “price”?

  4. waffles

    I have to hold it sideways to watch stuff? What the Hell? I’ll stick with my Dell DJ and it’s two colors. It plays music, everything an MP3 player should do.

  5. Major Tom

    I say if you’re going to go with brown, take it all the way and make it wood-grain. That would do it for me!

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