Idolator Presents: The Greatest Public-Access Music Videos Of All Time, Part II

Ye asked, and now ye shall receive: After last week’s somewhat-heralded round-up of some of the best music videos to ever make it to the public-access airwaves, we gladly (and humbly) unveil the sequel. After the click-through, please join us for a delightful rogue’s gallery of wannabe rappers, rockers and Robert Palmers.

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5. The Great Daryl Nathan, “A Brand New Song For A Brand New Year”Nathan drew plenty of attention during his public-access heyday in Grand Rapids, Michigan. This was partly due to his stream-of-consciousness songs, and partly due to his hairstyle, which can be only described as “Robert Plant on a Welsh farm in the ’70s.” Here, he warns about how the dangers of “pretty, fine girls.” Beware. Beware!

4. Unknown, “Creature From Space” It’s a shame the “Creature” clip is only 46 seconds long, because the song has so much potential: “Yes, the chances of anything coming from Mars/Are a million to one, he said.” Who said? And why is there an old guy staring behind the drumkit the whole time? Where was this song going, and can we come along?

3. Lady Cree, “Bounceclap”Go Hard Or Go Home is a half-hour amateur-rap show from something called Chedder Gettas Multimedia. All you really need to watch is the first three minutes, in which Lady Cree sputters out a vulgar song clearly called “Bounceclap” (this might be an actual song; we frankly have no idea). Cree looks entirely ill-at-ease, possibly because A) she doesn’t know how to hold a microphone, and B) she’s singing a vulgar ditty about bouncing asses, possibly from a male viewpoint. This, despite her claim that she’s been singing since she was seven years old.

2. Marilyn Manson (interview) It’s not technically a music clip, but it’s most definitely a performance. For this 1995 appearance on Dreamvision–we’re assuming that’s all one word)–Manson and Twiggy Ramirez play up their shock-rock shtick: Manson’s first words are “Fuck Danzig, Fuck this tour, fuck music, and fuck us,” while Ramirez keeps quiet and plays with his blonde wig and nonsensically sticks a tape recorder in the reporter’s face. Also from Grand Rapids, Mi., which–for a while there in the mid-’90s–must have been the greatest place in the world.

1. Sondra Prill, “Addicted To Love” No public-access list is complete without Sondra Prill in the No. 1 slot: Is her bad singing sincere? Ironic? Was she born without self-awareness, or did she surround herself with hangers-on who convinced her that waltzing around a bar like a zombie and crooning off-key was a respectable pursuit? Make sure you wait for when the song drops out in the middle, and listen for Prill’s exasperated sputter. (A note to visitors joining us for the first time: Welcome! If you enjoyed this feature, you may also want to take a lookey-loo over here, here and here. Enjoy.)