The Vault: Remembering Jet’s Lone Contribution To The Pop-Music Landscape

Sep 28th, 2006 // 3 Comments

The accidential iTunes availability of Jet’s album over the weekend reminded us of the only tolerable recording that the Aussie band’s been involved in: British DJ Lionel Vinyl‘s mashup of the formerly ubiquitous “Are You Gonna Be My Girl” with “Love Machine” by the UK girlgroup Girls Aloud. The alternate universe where Jet’s lead screecher is pushed aside by the Girls Aloud ladies is so much more fun, you know?

Jet vs Girls Aloud – You Gonna Be My Love Machine [MP3, link expired]


  1. waffles

    I like Rollover DJ better. But this perfectly shows what’s wrong with radio today. They find a good song and praise the living mess out of whoever made it, telling us that they’re the next big thing. And then when nothing happens, we act like it’s the band’s fault for the press coverage.

    Why can’t radio just play a song because it’s good? Do they need to find the next Beatles? Trust me, if that ever happens again we won’t need someone to tell us what happened.

  2. AcidReign

    …..That’s a decent song. I’d like to hear a singer less squeaky do it.

    …..The radio stations (the ones not sportstalk or newstalk) around here rarely even get around to telling the name of the song or who did it. They’re too busy cranking up another yackety-yack 30 minute jam-free commercial break. And they always start their yap while the song’s still playing. It shows that they have skill with the fader, dude!

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