A Trip To The Zune: Looking At Microsoft’s White N’ Nerdy Playlist

Our plugged-in bretheren at Gizmodo have the list of songs and videos that are going to be preloaded with Microsoft’s little brown iPod Killer. We figured we’d help out those of you who are debating whether you need your umpteenth media player by posting some of the Zune’s MP3s; this way, you can decide if the darn thing’s worth the $249 price tag:

Band of Horses – Wicked Gil (Sub Pop) Bitter:Sweet – The Mating Game (Quango Music Group) CSS – Alala (Sub Pop) Darkel – At The End of The Sky (Astralwerks) Every Move a Picture – Signs of Life (V2) Small Sins – Stay (Astralwerks) The Adored – Tell Me Tell Me (V2) The Rakes – Open Book (V2) The Thermals – A Pillar of Salt (Sub Pop)

Our overall assessment: It’s a pretty indie-driven line-up, proving that Microsoft is going after a young, music-snobby demo; that said, if you’re going to young and indie, you could do lot worse than scrappy young punks the Thermals and Brazillian dance-rockers CSS. But seriously, Bill, where’s the hip-hop love? We know you were trying to keep it somewhat local–hence the Northwest-based acts–but isn’t Sir-Mix-A-Lot from Seattle? Surely he must be available to do something.

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