Videodrone: Scissor Sisters Hired For High-Visibility, Low-Credibility TV Gig

A warning to bands that want to break big in the U.S. market: Prepare to make sacrifices. Prepare to trade off public awareness for private anguish. Prepare to play a two-year-old single on ABC’s Dancing With The Stars as two “saucy” dancers rumba in the foreground.

Alas, this is just one of the band’s two apperances on DWTS Wednesday night; the other one has already been pulled by the increasingly un-fun YouTube. But you get the idea. The Sisters sing, people dance. With the stars.

Speaking of the Sisters, has anyone noticed some of the names in their new album’s liner-notes section? Anderson Cooper, Stephen King, the Osbournes, Bryan Ferry, and, uh, The Jim Henson Creature Shop. Fozzie must be a big “Tits On The Radio” fan.

UPDATE: Commenter DanGibson found the SS-Henson connection here. Look for Brian May’s bemused reaction shot!

Dancing with the stars 3, Jesse Desoto Rumba [YouTube]