Videodrone: Scissor Sisters Hired For High-Visibility, Low-Credibility TV Gig

A warning to bands that want to break big in the U.S. market: Prepare to make sacrifices. Prepare to trade off public awareness for private anguish. Prepare to play a two-year-old single on ABC’s Dancing With The Stars as two “saucy” dancers rumba in the foreground.

Alas, this is just one of the band’s two apperances on DWTS Wednesday night; the other one has already been pulled by the increasingly un-fun YouTube. But you get the idea. The Sisters sing, people dance. With the stars.

Speaking of the Sisters, has anyone noticed some of the names in their new album’s liner-notes section? Anderson Cooper, Stephen King, the Osbournes, Bryan Ferry, and, uh, The Jim Henson Creature Shop. Fozzie must be a big “Tits On The Radio” fan.

UPDATE: Commenter DanGibson found the SS-Henson connection here. Look for Brian May’s bemused reaction shot!

Dancing with the stars 3, Jesse Desoto Rumba [YouTube]

  • Matthew Perpetua

    Was the other song “I Don’t Feel Like Dancin’”? Because it’d be really weird for them not to be allowed to play a song from the new album.

  • snark

    In fairness to them, they did ‘borrow’ a load of Muppets-style costumes for a performance on a TV show I used to work on. Seriously, I got to shake hands with the paw of Ludo from ‘Labyrinth’. Best moment of my life…

  • SupraCute

    DO IT! Take your Muppet out all night…

  • shallowrewards

    Hysterical lack of presence and/or poise from the singer. Sub-Technicolor Dreamcoat candyland “outfits” not rigid enough to support such tapioca. Give me Lawrence Welk instead, any day.

  • Brian Raftery

    Really? What show was that, snark? And did you also get to meet Sir Didymus?

  • MonsieurValentine

    Scissor Sisters playing on the #1 show in Witchita feels like those old episodes of Geraldo when he would have Michael Alig and the Club Kids on.

  • Ned Raggett

    So long as the encounter wasn’t in the farting swamp.

  • Ned Raggett

    I would say x-post but that would destroy the charm.

  • JackieTreehorn

    Anderson Cooper and the Scissor Sisters? Hmm.

    Does Gawker know about this? Something tells me they’ll take an interest in that juicy tidbit.

  • Mick Kraut

    My wife had it on and my first thought was “someone is showing old Fernwood Tonight reruns?”

  • Dan Gibson

    Here’s evidence of the Creature Shop connection:

  • snark

    Two weeks into Idolator and you’re ALREADY trying to get the contributors to out themselves, Brian?! I’m sure I’ll slip up at some point… !

  • Brian Raftery

    Don’t worry: All puppet-related contributions will remain anonymous.

  • snark

    I’ll try to get you the scoop on that TMX Elmo then. I swear they’ve put the ghost of Biggie Smalls in there…

  • Pinata

    That’s nothing — I remember them doing “Take Your Mama Out” on Regis and Kelly, where they then proceeded to explain how they got they name using index and middle fingers. Easily one of the greatest moments of my life.

  • Sir Winston Thriller

    The ultimate sacrifice, of course, is signing for your own variety television show. How long until “The Scissor Sisters Good-Time Variety Hour” or “Snow Patrol’s All Singing All Laughing Summer Happy Place”?

  • Bon Jour, Pee Wee

    Great, now everytime I hear it, I am going to hear ‘take your muppet out’.