Idolator’s First Contest: Can You Out-Weird “Weird Al”?

alcontest.jpgAmerica’s love affair with “Weird Al” Yankovic is now officially reignited: His Straight Outta Lynwood has inspired blogopshere affection and YouTube tributes, and it’s a solid contender for next week’s Top 20 album chart. To celebrate the return of Al, we announce our first Idolator contest: Can You Out-Weird “Weird Al”?

The contest guidelines are simple: Send along your predictions for what current hit song Al will spoof on his next album, and how he’ll tweak it. For example: What if the Scissor Sisters’ “I Don’t Feel Like Dancin’” was turned into “I Don’t Feel Like Danson,” about the former star of Cheers and Becker? We want something like that–only much, much better. Send along a title (and even possible lyrics, if you’d like) to tips[at]; the funniest, most creative entry will be posted on the site next week, and the winner will receive a promotional copy of Lynnwood.

Now the important sidenotes: This contest is not being held in conjunction with Yankovic or his label. One of us was accidentally sent an extra promo copy of Lynnwood, and that’s what you’ll get (oh, and it’s not shrink-wrapped, so don’t think about re-gifting it). For more Gawker-contest rules, read here. We can’t wait to find out just how white n’ nerdy you can get!

  • The Assimilated Negro

    Not nerdy ‘n white, but I can act like it. I’ve got the Al schtick on lock. holla.

  • AcidReign

    …..Ya know, Weird Al jumped on Lucas, and mutilated one of my favorite pre-teen anthems with that Anakin Guy, but if he’s going to be worthy of consideration, he’s gotta top himself with a humorous spoof of choking a pregnant wife. Set the bar a little high, methinks.

    …..I’d think his duty is to spoof Mr. Stay the Course. It’s our duty to bankrupt ourselves working to keep sucking oil out from under the the Arabs. They don’t need it, right?