From Our Keyboard To Jet Lead Singer’s Throat: Laryngitis Befalls Aussie Screamer

Sep 29th, 2006 // 1 Comment

Jet have been forced to cancel two upcoming shows to allow frontman Nic Cester to recover from acute laryngitis. The shows — Sept. 29 in Philadelphia and Oct. 1 in Toronto — will be rescheduled for sometime in November, as Cester’s doctor has ordered he take four to five days off.

Hang on a second, guys–you don’t have to cancel any shows! We have just the replacements you need.

Jet Cancel Pair Of Shows [SPIN]

  1. Bob Loblaw

    I once had the enviable task of transcribing a TWO-AND-A-HALF hour interview with Jet. When asked, “What would you really want your fans to know about you?”, the guitar player thought about it for a while, then said, “Nic screams so much that he loses his voice a lot.” I see big things in store for these guys.

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