Scratching Post: British Cult Heroes, Remixed


Miaow, led by singer/guitarist/Unrest muse Cath Carroll, enjoyed a brief moment in the sun during the mid-’80s golden era of guitar-heavy British indie bands; they released a few EPs, recorded a couple of Peel sessions, and appeared on the NME’s touchstone compilation C86. The remix of their bouncing song “When It All Comes Down” floats along, and throughout, Carroll’s vocal take is chopped and twisted into bits so fine, she nearly becomes another percussive element.

Miaow – When It All Comes Down (12″ Remix) [MP3, link expired]Unrest – Cath Carroll (12″ remix) [MP3, link expired]Cath Caroll on CD at LTM [LTM Recordings]