Niobe Pieces Songs From Scraps Of Her Own Voice

niobe.jpgCologne-based vocalist Yvonne Cornelius shapes and shifts her “tongue sounds” into knots when she’s twiddling the knobs for Niobe. The most striking tracks on her new album, White Hats (Tomlab), bend Cornelius’ voice so that it’s darting and wandering around barely-there beats and snaps; “Phosphorous” uses a lonely guitar as its counterpoint, while “Give All To Love” piles Cornelius’ vocals into its own percussive accompaniment.

Niobe – Give All To Love [MP3, link expired]
Niobe – Phosphorous [MP3, link expired]
voodooluba [Official site]

  • PengIn

    How did Katie Holmes manage to sneak away from Tom long enough to record an album?

  • Dickdogfood

    She’s practically a dead-ringer for exiled Iranian pop singer Googoosh:

  • Dickdogfood

    Aw, hell, html. Here’s a picture of her anyways: