Is Danger Mouse Courting The Black Keys To Back Ike Turner?

Oct 5th, 2006 // 8 Comments

ikeandcrew.jpgWe’ve been hearing that Danger Mouse, the impresario behind galactic overlords Gnarls Barkley, may be trying to collaborate with the Black Keys–and we also heard that Ike Turner was involved. We may be totally wrong on this, and no Danger Mouse/Black Keys reps returned our e-mails (can anybody out there confirm or deny our tip?) but we figured we’d post about it, if only to give us an excuse to ask our readers what, exactly, a Mouse/Keys/Turner project should be called. Crunk Factory? ProudMaryFreakness? Post your ideas in the comments.

Danger Mouse – Change Clothes [MP3, link expired]
Black Keys – Grown So Ugly [MP3, link expired]


  1. Chris Molanphy

    Eat The Damn Cake, Chulahoma

  2. goathair

    the Ikeys

  3. Tyler Knew and Turk! Wendell Ate Won Too

    From the Rubber Room

  4. berlinsuperstar

    Crack Rage

  5. berlinsuperstar

    The Ike-Key-Ahhhs

  6. deusdiabolus

    Some suggestions:

    Soul Tongue
    The Rugburns
    Smack It Red
    The Taste of Pleasure
    The Chrome Afros

  7. thebingo

    Cleveland Steamers

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