Bowie’s Power Of Voodoo: Who Do? You Do

Lately, our thoughts have been turning to David Bowie. And when our thoughts turn to David Bowie, we naturally think back to our very first David Bowie memory: the 1986 Jim Henson movie Labyrinth, in which Bowie played Jareth the Goblin King. For years, we didn’t know Bowie was famous for anything besides acting alongside puppets, saying creepy things to a smoking-hot Jennifer Connelly, and chilling in his cool Escher castle, because our first Bowie song and music video was “Magic Dance,” which spoiled us for life in terms of other music videos — because after you’ve seen a dude in tight gray riding pants and blonde Elvira hair kick a Muppet and throw a baby, it’s all downhill from there.

Labrynth david bowie [YouTube]