What A Good Sport: Khia Gives It Up For The Nets

Oct 5th, 2006 // 5 Comments

khia.jpgWith the MLB playoffs starting this week, we’re thinking about team-spirited songs like the AOR-riffic “Let’s Go Mets,” which was written in honor of the world champion ’86 team. There have been more: your “Super Bowl Shuffle,” your “Blinded By the Giants,” your Pearl Jam covers by Reds pitcher Bronson Arroyo.

But there’s one that’s on a totally different plane: Khia’s 2002 New Jersey Nets-hailing revision of her absolutely filthy song “My Neck, My Back.” The sporty version is below; if anyone can come up with a more egregious retrofitting of a song for the purposes of propping up a team’s ego, please let us know in the comments. For us, though, turning Khia’s ode to feasting on her nether regions into anti-Shaq propaganda is hard to top.

Khia – The Nets Are Back [MP3, link expired]


  1. superfan99

    Look, she could sing (rap? speak?) about the 1982 Olympic hockey team for all I care, there’s no way I can listen to that beat without thinking about her neck or back.

  2. the rich girls are weeping

    If I wasn’t listening to it as I type this, I wouldn’t believe this news item was for real. Is this a sign of the apocalypse?

  3. rad_matter

    The Nets should’ve hired Young Gunz to do the Nets theme this year like they did last year (I think). I’d cancel my season tickets over this monstrosity.

  4. BizTake

    one of the greatest songs written by a human being. seriously. i play this song (my neck, my back) at any party and there is not one single lesbian in a ten mile radius who isn’t grinding another human being in one way, shape, form or another.chuch!

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