Ultragrrrl Employs Old Friend As Her New Publicist

ultrathummmb.jpgThe good news about Ultragrrrl’s latest piece of rapturous press-praise: It’s in way-late-to-the-game Vanity Fair, meaning that the backlash can be only a few weeks away. The bad news: Considering that the glowingly sycophantastic piece is credited to Ultra’s long-time friend Marc Spitz, VF no longer believes it’s a conflict of interest to allow IM best-buddies to write about one another. In one of the weakest disclosures ever, Spitz notes that he and Ultra (we can’t believe we’re calling her that) are merely former Spin magazine “co-workers,” conveniently leaving out the fact that they’re actually late-night party pals who sometimes DJ together. That probably explains why the item contains not even the slightest trace of skepticism–and why no one at the magazine bothered to ground the rather lofty claim that Interpol or My Chemical Romance would never have made it without Ultra’s help. Yay, bestest friends working together! Yay, bad journalism!

On a slightly unrelated note, VF apparently has a new section called “Bling,” meaning they are nearly caught up with circa-2000 popular culture. Look for next month’s exciting new back-of-the-book column, “Audi.”

Grrrl’s Got Rhythm [Vanity Fair]