Spinal Tap’s New VW Ad Breaks Like The Wind

Oct 12th, 2006 // 4 Comments

Thanks to our motor-city madmen pals over at Jalopnik, we can all now watch the only-sorta ho-hum spectacle that is Nigel Tufnel’s new VW ad. Frankly, we think that if you’re going to trot out one of the greatest comedic characters of all time, you should at least make him, you know, comedic. Maybe next time they can get Viv Savage.

You Can’t Dust For Vomit: Nigel Tufnel Shills For VW

  1. mickeyprecious

    It’s nice, but not quite as good as those “time to un-pimp the auto” ads with Peter Stormare. I could watch that man ape a German accent all day.

  2. tigerpop

    That’s not even the real Nigel Tufnel. He’s a fake fake!

  3. thepunkguy

    That VW goes up to 11, which is quite slow compared to the other cars in it’s class.

  4. mickeyprecious

    VW and Nigel shan’t work together again.

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