“Hey, Asshole!”: A Zapruder-Like Glimpse Of Annoying Antics

Oct 12th, 2006 // 3 Comments

A proud moment in “Hey, Asshole!” history: Our first video footage of an obnoxious concertgoer in action! We’ll let reader Darryl–who shot this a few weeks ago at a Snow Patrol show in San Francisco–set it up for you:

Aw man, this guy was great. At first, you see a guy spazzing out on a crowded floor and you think “What an asshole!” You see him try to squeeze his way into the middle or front of the crowd only to be rejected, and you think, “Yeah, nice try, jerk!”

But then you see him dancing and singing in the back with abandon. And actually try to engage the people that reject him. And actually get hugs and smiles from some of those people, and you think, “Well, maybe he’s not all bad.”

Take a look at Daryl’s caught-in-the-act footage (especially clip No. 2, above) and decide for yourself: Inconsiderate asshole, or endearingly overenthusiastic fan? Either way, we’re pretty sure it’s Norman Cook.

That Guy at the Snow Patrol show at the Warfield [YouTube collection]
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  1. Bob Loblaw

    I agree with Ozzy (I’ve always wanted to say that, BTW).

    While no one likes getting jostled, spilled on or distracted, I just think this gets dangerously close to going in the opposite direction, i.e. stifling enthusiasm and encouraging boring scenesters to act like schoolmarms.

    Obviously, the best shows happen when the band puts it out there, the audience gives the energy back, thus inspiring the band to give even more. This doesn’t happen in New York. As an audience we’re a black hole, and the shows suffer as a result. I’d almost prefer the asshole to the hundreds of hyper-critical dolts that I see on a given night. And as funny as it is to laugh at the asshole–believe me, I do think this feature is funny–the thought of the Stepford crowds down at the Bowery scare me more.

  2. PengIn

    I appreciate an enthusiastic crowd. I do not appreciate somebody telling me how great the show I’m watching is. Rarely does this exchange occur:

    Random Guy: Dude, this show is awesome!
    Me (legitimately surprised): There’s a show going on? Thanks for letting me know!

    Note that this exchange happens a lot without the legitimate surprise.

  3. mickeyprecious

    Exactly what proof do we have that this is a Snow Patrol show? Are you sure that it’s not 311 playing? It seems like he’s mouthing the words “Down, Down”

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