Calling Dr. Love: Checking In With Gene Simmons’ Fan-Mail Missives

Oct 13th, 2006 // 4 Comments

It’s been a few weeks since we stopped by Gene Simmons’ delightful blog, in which he answers ALL of his readers’ mail, usually responding with the sort of tetchy terseness that makes you wonder: “Why does he even bother writing back?” Some favorites from the last few weeks:

i met you in burger king on 3rd ave in nyc ,, when i 14 .. my question is ,, did you know the impact you had on youth in the 70 s especially .. that 3 of us became cops ? THANK YOU GOD OF THUNDER !

Response from Gene:
Yes, Sir.

I think that you should run for President! This country could use a resourceful man in the White House. Granted your paycheck wouldn’t be as big as it is now but your financial investments would make up for it. Think of all your fans that would contribute to your campaign!!

Response from Gene:

Hi Gene.
Are you still a Hare Krishna? I believe you wrote a book in the 1970s called “Chant and Be Happy.” Just wanted some clarification on this. -Charles

Response from Gene:
Please stop using crack. It’s not good for you.

We could do this all day, but it’s probably best if you print out all 873 pages, buy some hairplugs, and spend the whole weekend recreating these amazing back-and-forths with some theatrically inclined friends.

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  1. Bob Loblaw

    Hi Gene,
    Do you actually read these questions, or have you enabled an auto-response?
    Response from Gene:
    Interesting question. Ask again at a more convenient time.

    Hi Gene,
    It’s still me, the guy from the last question. So do you actually read these?
    Response from Gene:
    What happens when you combine this tongue, three Asian amputees, a harmonium, and a roadie named Chester?

    Never mind, Gene. I’m going to go ask some questions on Dennis deYoung’s website.
    Response from Gene:

  2. Poubelle

    He has a point. Crack is bad for you.

  3. Dorthea Schech

    Dennis VanDerGinst…for the win!

  4. Thank you for this. Nice article !

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