Leak Of The <s>Week</s> Day: Amerie’s “Control” Issues

Oct 13th, 2006 // 6 Comments

has the new Amerie track, “Take Control,” produced by Cee-Lo. Since Amerie’s “1 Thing” will go down as one of the greatest singles of the ’00s–if not of all time–we were a little disappointed that “Control” finds her veering into Beyonce territory. It’s not a bad track, mind you (the looping guitar squiggle is fantastic), but after listening to “1 Thing” over and over again for the past year and a half, we were expecting something revelatory. Judge for yourself:

Amerie – Take Control [MP3, link expired]
Amerie taking control [Discobelle.net]

  1. Bon Jour, Pee Wee

    I dig it. Especially the bassline.

  2. k8

    excellent. she does beyonce better than beyonce does at this point. one thing was a big ole stupid exuberant bunch of awesome… as was the energetic dj payroll mashup of one thing and modest mouse’s float on:
    (originally seen here: http://thelawshavechanged.blogspot.com/2006/04/five-more-m

  3. k8

    (the a-ha/jay-z mashup from the above link is pretty funny too)
    sorry, were we talking about amerie??

  4. Major Tom

    it’s great. that bass line is just about identical to Tom Ze’s “Jimmy, Renda-se,” off the fantastic recent Tropicalia compilation. Random, I know… I wonder if it was intentional…?

  5. carbonated_h2o

    It’s pretty neat.

  6. Faster

    Damn! B better watch her back, that shite is The Heat!

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