A Look Back At Sammy Hagar’s ‘Spy Hunter’ Fantasy

Oct 13th, 2006 // 3 Comments

Happy 59th birthday to Van Halen stand-in and tequila impresario Sammy Hagar, whose jingoistic, machine-gun-tastic clip for the 1985 throwdown “VOA” (sample lyric: “You in the middle east, you be on your toes / We’re bound to strike, everybody knows”) shocked and awed us even more than that Toby Keith Amerigasm we saw last week. Seriously … wow. We’re guessing that Green Day isn’t one of his favorite bands, either.

Sammy Hagar – VOA [YouTube, via This Day In Mythstory]

  1. Slappy McJackass

    “In a somewhat related matter”… is what I meant to type. That’s what I get for harping on Nugent’s writing not making any sense.

  2. Slappy McJackass

    If anyone cares at this point, here’s the Youtube for “Bound and Gagged”:


  3. h. ross piroshky

    oh hells, that Nuge video is great. i’ve got it on this weird dvd compilation of late 70′s/early 80′s videos called “I Want My DVD”. it’s got everything from Haircut 100 to Juice Newton to Earth Wind and Fire. not that i really need to watch it anymore, with YouTube around.

    i got all jacked up off Cabo Wabo tequila one time…while listening to 5150. it was actually pretty fun. don’t tell anybody, okay?

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