Idolator Called It: The Greatest Day Of Our Nearly One-Month-Old Existence

Oct 13th, 2006 // 5 Comments

A few weeks ago, we heard that David Mays and Benzino–the two weasels who nearly ran The Source magazine into the ground–were launching a new magazine called Hip-Hop Weekly. “Wouldn’t it be kinda chuckle-inducing,” we thought, “to make our own fake Hip-Hop Weekly cover? A cover so cynical and moronic and debasing that it couldn’t possibly be real?” And so we did. Kinda funny, right? Nobody would ever believe in something so stupid, right?

A short while ago, we received an email purporting to contain the cover of the real Hip-Hop Weekly debut issue, which you’ll find after the click-through. Take a look, and see if you react the same way we do, which was with a slowly mouthed utterance of Hol. Lee. Shit. Either someone’s ripping us off, or we’re psychic.

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  1. cerulgalactus

    When Teen People is edgier than you are, you got a real problem.

  2. Andy Beta

    i wish yours was the one coming out :( i wanna know whassup with kaine and mary-kate.

  3. k8

    yeah, as a graphic designer, i have to agree with roosterocker. sadly, there are no original ideas left. but we won’t tell — you can still claim psychic powers. meanwhile, your cover is awesome. i actually took a moment and contemplated the possible ups and downs of a world in which the Olsens manage to infiltrate the hip-hop scene. much more interesting than gwyneth’s sudden africanness, more surprising than any move hilton or lohan could spin. Olsens, if you’re reading (and you know you are), think about it. maybe you could bring dre and game back together.

  4. mackro

    You guys are asking the Olsens to reenact the “House Of Bling” moment in New York Minute?



  5. KurticusMaximus

    Yeah, that’s a pretty standard lay-out, and I’m not even a graphic designer. I just, you know, look at magazines occasionally.

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