Outro: Looking Back At A Week In Which We Wrote Awesome Things About Our Bestest, Bestest Friends!

Oct 13th, 2006 // 1 Comment

-Conflicts can be so interesting.
-You can take us out to the ballgame anytime–as long as you don’t bring Scott Stapp.
-A towering music-biz giant says goodbye, inspiring misty-eyed eulogies and grumpy -pants complaints.
-We can only pray that YouTube’s crack-down doesn’t affect the outer fringes of late-night TV culture.
-Hmm. This magazine cover looks awfully familiar–not to mention just plain awful.
-Have any of you guys heard of this Lily Allen woman? Any thoughts?
-A mash-up maestro gives the people what they want.
-You guys are getting better at separating the fake Pitchfork nonsese from the real-deal nonsense.
-Can Wham! make it big again?
-Watch out for falling assholes!


  1. heykaren

    Lily Allen=waste of time.

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