Tattoo You: Full Back Of Ink Hypnotizing When Flexed

Oct 13th, 2006 // 5 Comments

We’d like to thank the person–we think it’s a man–in the opening shot of this video, because those two seconds, in which he flexes his completely tattooed-over back (with something that closely resembles Eddie of Iron Maiden fame, although the flexing makes it difficult to tell), have been making us watch it over and over again for the last few hours. Whoever the Hungarian band Cool Head Clan are, we appreciate that they have a sense of humor; how can you not love a bunch of guys who aren’t afraid to attach what looks like a My First Sony keytar to a leather-and-studs guitar strap?

Unknown Eastern European Band Metal Video [YouTube]
Cool Head Clan [Official site]


  1. FionaScrapple

    Beats the shit out of Green Day.

  2. DeeJayQueue

    You’re forgetting the Steve Perry lookalike singing into a rainbow feather duster. … and meaning it.

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