‘We Built This City’ On Cheap Publicity Stunts That Will Get Us Press From Reluctant Outlets

Oct 13th, 2006 // 3 Comments

Yes, this “locked in a room for 24 hours with just Starship’s ‘We Built This City’ on repeat” stunt is a bit of sub-David Blaine nuttery that we wanted to ignore, especially since “We Built This City” is not the worst song of all time. (As long as “Kokomo” exists, no other song can make that worst-ever claim.) Also, when we first heard about Blender’s idea, we figured contributor Russ Heller would be shut up in a more cell-like setting–instead, he gets lava lamps and bubbles? That’s hardly torture, unless he really hated his freshman year of college.

Still, Heller’s liveblog should be entertaining over the next 16 or so hours–we figure Grace Slick’s harmonizing will result in him indulging his autocannibalistic impulses around hour 16 or so, especially if it’s coupled with hecklers like the crying person our cameras captured earlier.

Best Buy “We Built This City” Stunt [YouTube]
We Built This Blender Blog [Blender Blog]


  1. O.D.B. McDowell

    but has anyone tried this with ‘In the Year 2525?’

  2. shallowrewards

    You know, you keep pushing me, fine…I put it back online.


  3. optimuscrime

    Concept totally stolen from Indiepolitik.


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