Blogsmacked: Houston Police Shut Down Two Gallants Show

Oct 16th, 2006 // 2 Comments

Reports have been trickling in from the Houston area about a Friday night show by Saddle Creek duo Two Gallants that was brought to a halt by police responding to a noise complaint. According to reports, in the confrontation that followed, two people were Tasered, including a 14-year-old boy; there are multiple videos of the evening on YouTube, and in a few, the Taser is clearly audible. A collection of reactions to the incident, and thoughts on its root causes, is below. (Thanks to My Old Kentucky Blog for the initial tip.)

- Comprehensive overview of the incident from someone who was at the show, including video, photos, and a link to a comment by a MySpace user whose 14-year-old son was Tasered. [cool tapes' MySpace Blog]
- A concertgoer offers her account of being arrested and spending the night in jail. [the freewheelin' neo crunch katie ford/2211516's MySpace Blog]
- An attendee who shot footage of the police breaks down, frame-by-frame, his camera being knocked to the ground by an officer. [Live Live Music]
- Fans post photo and videos to the band’s official site. [two gallants... message board.]
- On developers and gentrification leading to noise complaints in trendy neighborhoods. [Houston So Real]
- Is this incident a harbinger of a wider crackdown on live music in Houston? [Not A Significant Bullet]

  1. mackro

    “The address of the Central Intake Office is 1200 Travis, Suite #1307, Houston, Texas, zip code 77002 and the telephone number is (713) 308-0040.”

    The cop’s name is Rodriguez, and at the very least, you should spell out the video evidence in the form of the YouTube URLs in question. Have those URLs ready to recite over the phone.

  2. PengIn

    “A Gallant is fucking car.” – Scott Lucas

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