‘Stranger’ Scribe Busted For Being Pseudonymrod

Oct 16th, 2006 // 2 Comments

strangercover.jpgToday’s even chillier in Seattle, where Stranger music editor Dave Segal has left the paper after an investigation revealed that he’d invited Stranger club advertising coordinator Bailee Martin to contribute to the paper’s blog, and later its listings section, under the pseudonym “Keenan Bowen.” A note from Stranger editor Dan Savage said that an initial investigation hadn’t turned up any blatant shilling for advertisers, although he did note that the obvious conflict of interest “tainted” all of Bailee’s/”Keenan’s” writings.

Savage added in his note that articles by “Keenan”–including the Blood Brothers piece touted on this week’s cover–had been removed from the paper’s Web site, although a few of “Keenan’s” blog posts are still lurking in the archives. Click quickly, or else you might miss the bon mots we’ve placed after the jump.

Thee Emergency are a frenetic band with equal doses aptitude and ferocity who are capable of one of the most energetic live shows you’ll see this side of…anything, really. Can You Dig It? is in stores now. I suggest you do.

I have no grasp of the concept of musical theory. I know that octaves and notes and progressions and measures exist, but exactly how to concoct an amalgamation of elements that result in something considered “good music” escapes me. I don’t even know what constitutes “good” musicianship. I like what I like; I react to the “good” shit, but in this context good becomes subjective, does it not (hence the quotation marks)?

Seriously (and I usually try to refrain from passing judgement on musical taste) , if you don’t get your tickets to the Croc tomorrow, you’re fucking dumb.

Side note: Keenan is actually Savage’s middle name, and it doubled as half of a psuedonym he used during his playwriting and directing days.

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  1. h. ross piroshky

    yeah yeah yeah.

    i know.

    but i still love The Stranger, even when i hate it.

    i mean, they put on an amateur porn contest/screening, a dance-off, and Dan Savage is one hell of a Rick Santorum basher.

    so there.

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