Blogsmacked: CBGB’s Toilet Gets Backed Up For The Last Time

Oct 16th, 2006 // Comment

- CBGB fans gather–where else?–on MySpace, posting their memories of the club in fonts that are visible from across the Bowery. [CBGB MySpace Blog]
- Brooklyn Vegan has been all over the CBGB closing, with show reviews from the final nights, tons of photos, and a shot of the now-awningless CBGB exterior. [Brooklyn Vegan]
- CBGB’s place in “post neo-classic proto pre-post punk rock land.” [Tom Watson]
- Idolator commenter mickeyprecious looks back on how the club smelled like vomit … “but not in a bad way.” [Yahoo! News]
- James Wolcott looks back, and recalls that even when CBGB was “huge”–but before it became a fashion statement–it never drew a swarm of people. [James Wolcott]
- Existential angst: totally not a punk rock emotion. [Jossip]
- “Would the people who are mourning CBGB’s passing prefer it to live on as a slightly grubbier version of the Hard Rock Cafe?” Oh, snap. [The Insomnia Report]
- One question: What band was the last to break out of CBGB? [POPSURFING]
- Why fret about CBGB? The East Village club scene was dead anyway. Onward … to Brooklyn! [Popwatch]

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