Pandora Panders To Broke-Ass Bloggers

Oct 16th, 2006 // 16 Comments

As if the phenomenon wasn’t annoying enough–really, what kind of lazy music fan needs a computer program to tell them that Elastica sounds like Wire?–Yeti Don’t Dance discovers that music bloggers can now get paid to shill for the site via CREAMaid, which sounds like a concert benefit for dairy farmers, but is actually a pay-to-post PR-scam.

Here’s how it works: Sign up with CREAMaid, and you get $5 for mentioning the awesomeness of Pandora (you can also get money for dropping such obscure underground brand names as McDonald’s or Heineken). The site has a few “examples” of compensated Pandora fans, but they all appear to be splogs. That said, we’ll be keeping an eye out for sites that blatantly use post entries to promote their sponsors.

By the way, have we mentioned how much these new Volkswagen V-Dubs rock?

Pandora Astroturfing for $5
[Yeti Don't Dance]

  1. Ned Raggett

    Amazon: “If you like this Sparks album, you will like this other Sparks album.”

    Me: “But I have this other Sparks album. In fact, I bought it via you as well.”

  2. mreasy

    Pandora definitely still has a lot of room for improvement – there should be a few more steps between Danielson and Dashboard Confessional, in my opinion – but the service they provide is uniquely disinterested. Their recommendation system won’t be influenced by a publicist, as a blog/website might be, or by wishing to sell a particular title, like a retailer might be. Also, the music is analyzed by professional HUMANS, whose recommendations/classifications are processed by computers…so it’s not as though it’s robots telling you what to listen to. (If it were, the only recommendations would be the DFA roster…)

  3. MJ

    Aaand that’s why is cooler than Pandora. I always knew.

  4. rad_matter

    I am so creaing a music blog now and mentioning Pandora every other day. A girl’s gotta get paid, you know.

  5. RobH

    “Aaand that’s why is cooler than Pandora.”

    The problem with Last.FM is that it’s too obvious most of the time. You like this band? Well 3,000 other people have determined that you may like this band which is pretty much the same band with a different guitarist.

    My only issue with Pandora is that no matter what kind of station I create (rap, rop or ambient disco), it’ll inevitably recommend a song by Poison.

  6. cerulgalactus

    Well, that is because Poison are the greatest gerne-crossing band that the universe has ever known.

  7. tconrad

    We’d never use a service like this. Sadly the folks at CREAMAid put us into their system as an _example_ because they “like” us. Sigh.

    You can read about it here on their blog:

    from their post:

    “All the Conversations on our site right now are created by us.
    These are for our opening event, as well as for testing our service
    to see how it could be used and improved.
    We picked some sites and businesses that we like and decided to
    experiment on promoting them using our system.”


    CTO @ Pandora

  8. katie_a_princess

    “My only issue with Pandora is that no matter what kind of station I create (rap, rop or ambient disco), it’ll inevitably recommend a song by Poison.”

    i fail to see the problem.

  9. Maura Johnston

    an update, based on comments in this post …

  10. MJ

    The problem with Last.FM is that it’s too obvious most of the time.

    That’s usually the case with your “personal station”, yes. Or are you talking about the recommended radio or the recommendations? Because I don’t find them that obvious. Or maybe that’s because I have a very eclectic playlist, so it’s based on that.

    Anyway, there’s only so many really original acts out there, so the lack of surprise makes sense, I think.

  11. CREAMaid

    Hi, we’re CREAMaid.
    We apologize for the wrong impression we have given you.
    Pandora did not start anything with us. We decided to do the campaign for Pandora on our own because we thought the service was cool and more people deserved to know about this service(really). We will remove the Pandora Conversation from our site right now. Sorry for the confusion.

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