Videodrone: Jay-Z, “Show Me What You Got”

Oct 16th, 2006 // 4 Comments

Thanks, once again, to Nah Right, who we’ve now name-checked 4,239 times in one week. Hard to hate on any video that ends in a dance-off, but hasn’t the whole “I own boats, I gamble, I kick it with Dale Earnhardt Jr.” conceit been played out by now?

Jay-Z, “Show Me What You Got” [YouTube]


  1. SlimShadenfruede

    I’m already sick of this shit. I don’t mind hip hop, but the fans are so fucking moronic and are all blasting the new Jay-Z right now.

  2. LouMac

    That was gone quickly…

  3. Brian Raftery

    Back up…for now.

  4. MJ

    Nice Grand Theft Auto vibe.

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