It’s All About What Went Wrong With “Dear You”

We know, we know: Too inside. But the possibility of Blake Schwarzenbach biopic is just too irresistible to ignore. We see a skinnied-down Vince Vaughn in the lead, and a now-defunct CBGB standing in for 924 Gilman. Even as a joke, that still sounds more appealing than U-Turn.

Jawbreaker [MySpace]

  • Ned Raggett

    U-Turn, good lord. Imagine the anti-film festival to be had via screening every Tarantino knockoff.

  • h. ross piroshky

    what about a skinnied-down Liev Schreiber as Blake?

  • iantenna

    umm… there may be a ridiculously oversized brewpub across the street but last i checked 924 gilman was still there. for better or for worse, well, mostly for worse.

  • kid icarus

    I know there has been some talk about a Jawbreaker documentary, but I’m not sure if it’s ever going to get off the ground. Reopening old wounds and such.

  • Brian Raftery

    Those guys need to bury the hatchet, do a few reunion dates, and get some cash from the “punk turned yup” thirtysomethings who missed them in the first place.

  • hop

    the jawbreaker documentary is being done by the guys that did “we jam econo”.

  • Funnelhead76

    What went wrong with Dear You? The band explains at