Alicia Keys Guilty Of Wearing Vintage Rock T-Shirt

Oct 17th, 2006 // 5 Comments

You’ll have to wade through some obnoxious web ads to get to the “story,” but Media Take Out is claiming that Alicia Keys was arrested for a “domestic disturbance involving another woman.” The only evidence they have for now, though, is a set of photos that appear to show Keys perp-walking in a Born To Run t-shirt–meaning that even if this all turns out to be false, Dylan’s feelings are going to be hurt.

Was Alicia Keys Arrested?? [Media Take Out] (note the super-suspect double question-mark caveat)


  1. mickeyprecious

    Those jeans beg some explaination as well. Overall, she looks like one of the backcountry chicks in the rodeo bar who are just WAITING for the ZZ Top hotrod to come by and magically turn them into mini-skirt and high-heel-wearing sex goddesses!

    Actually, I can think of a lot of people who need an urgent visit from the ZZ Top rod.

  2. Paul D

    poor fashion sense aside, she’s got a smokin’ body.

  3. lucasg

    sure, she has a smokin’ body NOW. give it five years, and she’ll be all kinds of aretha franklin taking up two chairs at the pancake house. i have forseen it.

  4. h. ross piroshky

    mickeyprecious, i think we could all use a visit from the ZZ Top rod.

  5. rad_matter

    MediaTakeOut–90% bullshit, 10% regrets over not calling the shots the first time.

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