Pandora Not Pandering To Broke-Ass Bloggers After All

Oct 17th, 2006 // 1 Comment

Yesterday, we mentioned that CREAMaid, a blog-payola service that only sounds like a dessert topping, seemed to be dispensing Lincolns to bloggers who touted music-recommendation service on their sites. As it turns out, Pandora knew nothing of CREAMaid’s $5/post bounty; the blog-floggers’ Pandora-love was apparently real, and not cash-fueled. Pandora’s CTO stopped by and set the record straight:

We’d never use a service like this. Sadly the folks at CREAMAid put us into their system as an _example_ because they “like” us. Sigh.

CREAMaid has since removed all Pandora-happy content from its site–but we’re sure that they’re very proud of their ability to alienate sites they allegedly like and make bloggers suspect each other even more. Hooray!

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  1. Bob Loblaw

    Man, it would take a guy hours to force himself to care enough to try to parse what the hell is going on here. Hours, I say.

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