Battle Of The Blogosphere: Gerard Vs. Bear Vs. Everyone Else

Oct 17th, 2006 // 4 Comments

bearhold.jpgIf you’re one of the approximately 63 people in the world who obsesses over the music-blog realm, then you’ve no doubt familiarized yourself with Gerard vs. Bear, the anonymous muckraking site that sniffs out plagiarism and conflicts of interest among the MP3 set (a lot of the time, he gets to stuff before we do). Well, Lucas at Team Clermont conducted a two-part IM interview with the elusive Gerard, in which he uses his comedically gruff dialect to take on everyone, including us:

Me: #18–do you think Idolator is biting your rhymes, what with their blogger ombudsmanship?
Gerard: Gerard no pay for blogging.
Gerard: maybe pay Gerard then Gerard show Idolator thing or two.
Gerard: until pay Gerard, no, Idolator more resources
Gerard: (Gerard funnier!)

Zing! So Gerard, we have to ask: How do we know you’re legit? As much as we love the site’s crankiness, the fact that we don’t know who you are–or what’s on your “conflict of interest” roll-call–we’re having a hard time taking it seriously when you praise some blogs and roast others. So take off your mask, Gerard, and let us know you are; that way, it will make our inevitable SXSW run-in all the more awkward. And if you happen to have any ideas about Gerard’s identity, feel free to post it below, or send it to

Gerard vs. Bear
[Official site]
IMing with the Stars: 20 Questions with Gerard, part II: #’s 12-20 [Team Clermont]


  1. ryan hodgkins

    I’m Gerard.

  2. mickeyprecious

    I’m completely goddamn confused. I cast a pretty wide net for humor based on stupidity and irreverance, but this Gerard fool flew over my head.

    I feel so out of touch.

  3. Paul Irish

    It’s okay Mickey. Gerard’s humor is obviously pretty esoteric and limited to a set of music bloggers.

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