Kevin Federline Gets What He Deserves, Part II

Oct 17th, 2006 // 2 Comments

kfeddd.jpgUnfortunately, embedding is disabled for the YouTube clips of Kevin Federline on last night’s edition of Monday Night Raw, but we’re here to help–skip to Part III, and you can bypass K-Fed’s mind-numbing attempts to insult the crowd and watch as he gets slammed to the mat by fellow hip-hop wannabe John Cena. The best part? K-Fed doesn’t say a word in the clip. Now that is some fine editing.

Kevin Federline on WWE Monday Night Raw Pt. 1 [YouTube]
Kevin Federline on WWE Monday Night Raw Pt. 2 [YouTube]
Kevin Federline on WWE Monday Night Raw Pt. 3 [YouTube]
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  1. lucasg

    think about it… marries britney spears, who is trailer fresh. has the wegro contingent on lockdown. a little pro wrasslin’ and you have the attention of cousin-fuckers and novelty cultery buyers. all that’s left is a guest spot on an ICP album and a nascar race,and he has ALL of white trash america in the palm of his hand!

    either way, he’s loaded, and pandering to the bottom of the barrel works for republicans just fine.

  2. mickeyprecious

    I would have loved if K-Fed was the guy living inside the bunker on “Lost.” Imagine if he was the one who had to type in the code every 108 minutes. And when Kate & John come down the staircase, he cocks his fitted white hat and is all” YO, WHO DA FUCK IS YOU!”


    You can’t tell me that wouldn’t be wonderful.

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