“Hip-Hop Weekly”: We’re Sticking With Our Version

Oct 17th, 2006 // 2 Comments

hiphopletter.jpgNah Right has the “Letter From The Founders” from the debut issue of Hip-Hop Weekly. Aside from repeatedly reminding us that they used to be at The Source–without mentioning how they nearly destroyed that magazine’s reputation–David Mays’ and Benzino’s biggest offense seems to be that they don’t actually understand the definition of “Weekly.” Somehow, we think they’ll have no problem living up to their “minimal ads” credo.

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  1. slutsky

    biweekly counts as weekly now? that’s cheap!

  2. mickeyprecious

    Someone should kidnap David Mays and force him to submit to a thorough series of WTF mental testing.

    I mean, the dude went to HARVARD. And now he’s borderline retarded. I absolutely love that “every two weeks” weekly magazine statement.

    I think that Ray Benzino actually has the power to make people stupider. In fact, I probably lost three brain cells by merely typing out his name. Perhaps we should send him to hang out with Noam Chomsky for a few days. That’ll take that smarty-pants down a peg or two!

    PS: We are the SOURCE!

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