Idolator Asks: Why The Flop Aren’t You Listening To Flop?

Oct 17th, 2006 // 3 Comments

flop.jpgFlop & The Fall Of The Mopsqueezer, the first full-length by the Seattle band Flop, has been out for about 14 years, but it’s packed with timeless hooks. Flop, which grew out of the power-pop outfit Pure Joy, put out three full-lengths of sweet, crunchy pop nuggets before disbanding in the mid-’90s. The six-minute jam sandwich “Morton the Venerologist” and the minute-and-change “Circus Freak” close out the record, and it’s a one-two punch that makes us hit the repeat button again and again.

Flop – Morton the Venerologist [MP3, link expired]
Flop – Circus Freak [MP3, link expired]
Flop [Frontier Records]


  1. Maura Johnston

    ‘Whenever You’re Ready,’ which was the major-label debut. It had a couple of good songs, I thought, but nothing beat ‘Mopsqueezer’–and I can’t help but give at least some credit to the Fastbacks’ Kurt Bloch for that.

  2. FootFace

    Whenever You’re Ready was great (I thought/think). And so was World of Today! And so was Rusty’s solo album. And Pure Joy’s Getz, the Worm.

    Okay, fine, I love everything Rusty Willoughby touches.

  3. myrrh

    oo. you should hear the song “regrets”. thanks, idolators, for reminding me of a band i’d completely forgotten! now, if only i could still find my dubbed cassette copy of this album…

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