Liner Notes: Tom DeLonge Stirs Up Brandon Flowers’ Beef Stew

Oct 18th, 2006 // 8 Comments

delonge.jpg- Angels and Airwaves/Blink 182 frontman Tom DeLonge takes a potshot at irritable Killers frontman Brandon Flowers, saying that he was actually the first person to say that his band’s album would be “the best of the last 20 years.” Expect Flowers’ moustache to get into a snit within the next 24 hours. [MTV]
- Jay-Z has officially moved on from Cristal, endorsing Armand de Brignac in the “Show Me What You Got.” Not for nothing, but how are we supposed to trust the beverage tastes of someone who’s shilling for Budweiser Select? [AllHipHop]
- About 1% of fifth-generation iPods were shipped with Windows viruses; Apple runs with the opportunity to Microsoft-bash on its official site. [Apple, via Paper Thin Walls]

  1. PengIn

    Awesome. That’s the face my 5 week old makes when he’s taking a dump.

  2. AcilletaM

    What the hell? What is on his hand? Is that lipstick? Is he practicing kissing on his hand..and wearing lipstick? His parents should sit him down and explain the birds and bees thing to him and how pictures like this don’t help in that area. They should also mention that there’s no need for seducing and foreplay with the hand before commencing to ‘do it yourself’.

  3. AcilletaM

    No rock poses for me. However, I do know there are pictures of me doing the ‘huck and buck’ (Heisman Trophy pose you see all the old-timer football players in) with a quarter barrel while drunk floating around.

  4. Ned Raggett

    He’s emo, man. I think. Maybe.

  5. Brian Raftery

    Now, now. We all struck some bad-ass rock poses during our awkward years; we were just lucky no one had Flickr accounts back then. If so, I would gladly share the numerous images of me looking “tough” in my Porno For Pyros shirt.

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