Claymates Not Exactly Aiken’ To Make New Friends

Oct 19th, 2006 // 9 Comments

A few days ago, we ran one of our Cover-Song Showcase Showdown polls, this time pitting Joe Budden against Gelfling singer Clay Aiken. Realizing that Clay Aiken’s fervent fanbase might be interested in goosing our traffic helping to spread democracy, we spent an hour trying to get the word on every Clay Aiken fanboard we could find. After countless info forms, spam-block procedures, and “What was your first pet’s name?” password procedures, we’re confident that it is easier to get a work visa in Kabul than to get posting privileges on So imagine our disappointment when we checked our e-mail this morning:

On 18 Oct 2006 17:41:53 -0700, wrote:

Your application to has been DENIED

Not just denied, mind you–but all-caps denied, and by a site that, judging by its commenters, will allow even the craziest of Crazy Cat Ladies full posting rights. Could our snub be for political reasons? Do sites like the Clay Board discriminate against those who lob the occasional Leno-level jab at their hero? We implore the Clay Board administrators to look into their hearts and ask themselves, Is this not America?

  1. xboxishuge

    They probably denied you for your own good. Like how hobos tell people not to start drinking before noon, because it’s all downhill from there, and next thing you know you’re the moderator of a Clay Fucking Aiken fanboard, looking back and forth from the login screen to your loaded revolver, and thinking about the mistakes you’ve made.

    Trust me, you’re better off.

  2. MT

    I’m not sure which is worse Idolator, being denied by Clay or having received only one threatening letter to date. I think we all need to try a little harder…

  3. Nicolars

    I think anyone not in a red state gets a big “NOES” from the claymates.

  4. Nonclayfan

    Jeeeeze! You’re a real jerk. No wonder they denied you! Near as I can tell, from reading this site, all you do is diss Clay. And for what? For being talented? For having a loyal fan base? Hell, you should be so lucky!

  5. Nonclayfan

    Jeeze, you’re a real jerk. Near as I can, from what I’ve read here on the site, all you do is diss Clay Aiken. And for what? For having talent? For having a loyal fan base? You need to get a life, seriously.

  6. claysbitch

    At least it makes me happy that the Clayboard isn’t stupid.

    And who the hell is Joe Budden?

  7. icame4themusic

    So you guys were dissed by The Clayboard, and now you want me to put my ass on the line to be dissed by you. Is that what this is all about?
    How rude!
    I’m a Clayboard member only because all Clay news is listed there first, even before his own site.
    I’m a Clay fan, but that doesn’t make me deaf, dumb, and blind. I want to hear the bad along with the good stuff. That’s why your site caught my eye?
    Can you tell me what percentage of Clay-bashers I’m dealing with, so I can be prepared.


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