“Hey, Asshole!”: The Word Is Spreading

Oct 19th, 2006 // 5 Comments

hey_asshole_bu.jpgWe hate obnoxious concert attendees, but judging by what happened Monday night at a Springfield, Missouri, Wilco concert, we think Jeff Tweedy may hate them even more. From a new post on the band’s website:

Here’s a brief synopsis of what happened. It was clear fairly early on that security was a a bit lax at the Shrine Mosque…Fairly early in the set, there were a couple of people shoving and roughing up others in front of the stage. Jeff asked everyone to calm down and respect each other and when things did, the band resumed the set.

…During the first encore a young man jumped onto the stage and did the requisite salute to his pals. While we certainly do not encourage that kind of behavior, we were prepared to let it go, as he was, it seemed, heading back into the crowd. Just when it appeared he was walking off the stage he turned around and moved towards Tweedy from behind. Jeff did not see him approaching, but felt the guy’s hands on his head. To this, Jeff reacted.

And though they don’t quite spell it out on the site, by “reacted,” they mean “he cold-cocked the guy.” A similar event occured at a Juan Maclean show last week in Atlanta; if anyone has any pictures of the offending assholes (or any assholes in general) please send it to tips@idolator.com. Again, Idolator only wants to encourage documentation, not actual violence. Unless you’re the frontman of an alt-rock band, and can afford to keep a pitbull attorney on retainer.

UPDATE: Pitchfork has the video here. Damn! That looks more like a Wayne Brady-style choke!
Tweedy Speaks Out After Missouri Incident [Billboard]
Juan Maclean Beats Down Drunken Reveler in Atlanta [Pitchfork]


  1. ohHELLnaw

    This makes me love Jeff Tweedy even more.

  2. Anonymous

    There’s always the classic Keith Richards Telecaster-to-the-back-of-the-skull maneuver:


    I’ve always wanted to do that. The problem being that I don’t play guitar.

  3. Cheap Shot

    There’s also the ‘kick the guy in the face with steel-toed boots’ manuever that HR pulled from Bad Brains.

  4. gmschmidty

    well, folks. pitchfork beat ya to it. those guys must truly be the hippest…theyre linking to the youtube of this already. my personal opinion is that its much more of a bitch-slap than a punch.

  5. Mick Kraut

    Hells bells Tweedy damn near vomits before he goes on stage normally…now he has to pack brass knuckles along with the xanax? Could prove to make “AT LEAST THATs WHAT YOU SAID” listenable!

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