Idolator Presents: The Greatest Public-Access Music Videos Of All Time, Take 4

Oct 19th, 2006 // 8 Comments

Another week, another overview of the best low-budget music videos on YouTube. Many thanks to the tipsters who have been alerting us to the rare gems featured after the click-through; if it weren’t for you guys, we wouldn’t have had the pleasure of meeting the likes of Marko Nadsworth and BJ The Messenger.

As for those of you just now catching up now, the complete archive can be viewed here. Check out all the clips, and when you regain your senses 2-3 weeks later, send us an email that just says “Hairdresser!” We’ll totally get it.

5. Marko Nadsworth, “Witchita Lineman”
At first, it seems more than a little hubristic that Nadsworth’s opening titles would find him claiming a co-writing credit with Jimmy Webb. But then, once you hear this jazzercise-inspired dance version, you realize that he’s re-interpreted ths song so drastically (and wonderfully), he deserves all the publishing royalties he can get.

4. Elton & Betty White, “I’m In Love Wit Your Behind”
You’ll want to give up after about ten seconds, but trust us, once he actually starts playing, you’ll be in love with said behind, as well. Ten times better than anything Devendra Banhart’s ever written

3. Kadeve Interview
Not a performance, but an interview between rapper Kadeve and the host of California’s “Go Hard Or Go Home,” who sounds like the Cookie Monster imitating DMX. You know it’s an in-depth interview when the host keeps his Bluetooth receiver on, and the soundtrack includes canned applause.

2. BJ The Messenger, “Crackhead”
Wow. We really try not to cop out when it comes to these write-ups, but…wow.

1. Unknown, “Why Do You Think You Are Nuts?”
This is the perfect clip to keep on hand at all times. That way, the next time somebody starts talking about how great Peaches is, and how she has this trailblazing confrontational style, and she doesn’t care what people think of it, you just pull this up and mouth the word “No.”

  1. stopmikelupica

    5 is the new 4.

    And “Idolator presents the greatest public access music videos of all time” is the new “Blue States Lose”.

  2. stopmikelupica

    I always figured if anyone was going to write a song about a Golden Girl’s behind, it would be about Estelle Getty.

  3. hspirate

    I keep waiting for Marko to show us what is under his trench coat….

  4. hspirate

    I keep waiting for Marko to flash us

  5. mickeyprecious

    I keep waiting for Marko to move onto the cot that’s waiting for him in my living room.

    It’s not like that though – I just want to hear him play that song every day. It’s about a million times more entertaining than just watching “Law and Order” reruns after work.

  6. mackro

    There’s an SCTV quality to #1 that just resonates. Peaches needs to reach into her inner Andrea Martin or Catherine O’Hara — if she has either.

  7. mackro

    Well, Peaches has to reach into her into Sondra Pill, for starters.

  8. markonadsworth

    You guys are great! Thankyouverymuch!


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