Nick Sylvester’s Harvard Lecture: This Clip Will Crash Your Computer And Crush Your Soul


We had a really long rant written up about this footage of Nick Sylvester’s recent lecture at, of all places, a Harvard Law School class. It was a rant on how no one cares about even the slightest hint of credibility; about how we’ve brought up a generation of circular logic-spouting dipshits willing to perpetuate (or forgive) journalistic fraud, so long as it can be defended as “funny”; and about how no one knows the difference between “making up blatantly satirical interviews and music reviews” and making up facts in a non-fiction Village Voice cover story.

But honestly, once he starts into the “marginalization of moral weight in journalistic pieces,” we just got sad. Why even bother with a rant? The kid doesn’t get it. Nobody gets it. We’re doomed.

Riff Mental [Wayne & Wax]