Nick Sylvester’s Harvard Lecture: This Clip Will Crash Your Computer And Crush Your Soul

nick.jpgWe had a really long rant written up about this footage of Nick Sylvester’s recent lecture at, of all places, a Harvard Law School class. It was a rant on how no one cares about even the slightest hint of credibility; about how we’ve brought up a generation of circular logic-spouting dipshits willing to perpetuate (or forgive) journalistic fraud, so long as it can be defended as “funny”; and about how no one knows the difference between “making up blatantly satirical interviews and music reviews” and making up facts in a non-fiction Village Voice cover story.

But honestly, once he starts into the “marginalization of moral weight in journalistic pieces,” we just got sad. Why even bother with a rant? The kid doesn’t get it. Nobody gets it. We’re doomed.

Riff Mental [Wayne & Wax]

  • millwhistle

    There’s discussion at the class’s wiki here. And now I feel like I need a shower, a drink, and/or something to punch.

  • Ned Raggett

    The face of a generation.

  • MTS

    Stephen Glass is cuter than I remember.

  • rchick

    I know those facts are a real bitch to keep track of. Why hasn’t Fox snapped this little gem up yet?

  • the rich girls are weeping

    God, how many times today can I post “This is SO embarassing!” as a comment to an entry regarding the idiot antics of socially retarded music geek boy wonders?

    …At least the idiot antics of print “journalists,” Pitchfork “reviewers” and the hacks of the blogosphere are all well-represented today.

  • shallowrewards

    Cold lampin. \M/

  • shallowrewards

    The clown here isn’t Nick, this is a major issue, just as the class and he suggest; but the fact that a Harvard classroom would need to dedicate time to sorting this out is maybe a slam the educational system in America.

    As mentioned on another blog chained to this story, the referendum here is that America has lost what tiny speck of self-awareness and self-ridicule – or even self-suspicion – it arguably never had in the first place. And that’s nicely demonstrated – as mentioned somewhere else – by British comedy like The Day Today and Alan Partridge and especially The Office, which is a show that had to be Americanized to “work” here. Americanized: Steve Carell, raving jackass with all the sly wit of a Green Bay Packers fan at the 50 yard line.

    Subtlety – leading humor – and satire are all lost on the majority of Americans and absolutely non-existent in our paranoiac, advertiser-controlled media. Magazines and papers hide behind terms like “on brand,” “our reader,” dumbing things down because they actually think most of America is too stupid to understand humor. Or they’re afraid of the backlash and lawsuits from the people being lampooned, the loss of exclusivity, or even the protests from the percentage of idiots with no grip on reality. Suggestion, satire – even willfully misdirection – are costly routes to dialogue and nobody will touch them. This is another reason why we hide behind pathetic “cultural references” and comparative (non)criticism and why we grow dumber and more bored and alienated every day: we’re afraid of risk.

  • IamnotStarJones

    Thank you, Idolator. After reading this, I don’t feel bad about drinking instead of looking for a new job.

    Why bother?

  • rackattack

    halfway thru the first clip and i’m most blown away by how dumb harvard students are.

  • shallowrewards

    Comedy Central is about two clicks higher on the satire dial than Dane Cook. There’s a world of difference between cutting, informed, unapologetic satire and smug, self-righteous water cooler one-liners. Most Americans wouldn’t know, because we’ve only known the latter.

  • hndinglove

    justified yet again in never giving a dime to ye olde alma mater…

  • Nicolars

    If only Steve Coogan could show us the way! Oh wait…

  • MJ

    Steve Carell, a raving jackass?! I think your spite is misdirected.

    Oh America. Why didn’t you stay British?

  • Poubelle

    Satire is absent in the media? Somebody needs to give a heads-up to Stephen Colbert.