Caught In The Pit: Idolator Readers Spark Hot Threads

Oct 19th, 2006 // Comment

pit.jpgWelcome to “Caught In The Pit,” our every-so-often look at our favorite Idolator threads. Want to join the music-geek hordes currently partying it up below our posts? Right this way.

1) “Project Runway” Winner’s Ex-Bandmates Get Ready To Cash In: “The new single is gonna be ‘Ask Me About My Tattoo – Please?’”–zibby

2) Leak Of The Week Day: My Chemical Romance’s ‘Mama’ Issues: “How wonderfully appropriate that THIS is the song with Liza’s cameo! God, it’s ridiculously bad. Which is to say, I totes love it.”–therichgirlsareweeping

3) Musical Artillery: What To Play When Your Friends Won’t Go Away: “Hmmm. People love crap, so I’ll have to go with something that not horrible, more aggressively mediocre. Let’s say, Tall Cool One by Robert Plant. It’s not so good that poeple would want to listen to it, but it’s not bad enough to attract the “Snakes On A Plane” types.”–PengIn

4) Are You Shitting Us? Part One: Morningwood Leaves Us Limp: “i’ve heard the album (didn’t pay for it) and have seen them live (didn’t pay for it). both are miserable experiences. i was hunched over the bar in pain during their set. i listened to the album just out of curiosity. (even a lame album should be heard at least once, just so my derision has legitimacy.)”–coolfer

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